#Operation Al-Aqsa

We already seen what happen in Al Aqsa mosque

We seen what you do to the Palestine moslem

We seen Israel's Zionist Police closed Al Aqsa mosque and permit the Palestina moslem to pray Jumat in there

We seen you want to monopoly Al Aqsa Mosque

What happen now is already useful for Israel to have a new reality in Al Aqsa mosque

No one belivier like this, Closing a mosque and make a opinion about public? Is this cheat and turn back a fact?


We dont left you now, we are acompany to give back a freedom to moslem in Palestina to pray in Al Aqsa mosque

We wont let down, seen Palestina people must pray out of the Al Aqsa mosque because you warn them to not enter, not humanism

We are Anonymous, we are Legion, we do not forget, we do not forgive, Israel, Expect us !!!

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